Grow Cabinets – 5 Best Stealth Grow Boxes for Growing Weed

Today I’ll guide you through the process of finding the best weed growing cabinets & indoor stealth grow boxes for marijuana. Read on! here…

Equip Yourself With The Best Gear To Ensure Best Yields

In a world of weed growing, there’s a simple formula:

Proper stimulation + controlled environment = thriving and gains.

Gimme a holla if you agree!

This postulate is quite simple, yet it requires many factors to work in real life.


One of the core factors of a successful weed growing is the environment, and if you’re growing indoors, having the best weed growing cabinet for your plants is the absolute must.

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Without a proper foundation, your plants aren’t going to thrive. You can do everything else with the utmost care but fail because you’ve selected bad indoor stealth grow box for your ganja. Today I’m going to teach you how to avoid this mistake, by selecting the best grow box for your needs and evaluate everything important.

Let’s begin!

Best Weed Growing Cabinets – The Specs Comparison Chart

For all you seasoned growers out there, here’s a handy chart that summarises everything you need to know about these grow boxes.

Hydroponic BoxImageSizeCoverPrice
Cash Crop 6.0 Plant LED Best Hydroponic Grow Cabinet34.75″ Tall x 16.5″ Wide x 11.25″ DeepWood + Reflective Layer


Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0Best Stealth Grow Box36″ Tall x 20″ Wide x 16.5″ DeepMDF + Reflective Layer


HeyAbby Automated Grow BoxBest Automatic Grow Box48” Tall x 15″ Wide x 15″ DeepPlastic + Wood + Glass


Hellogrower 20″ Stealth LED Grow BoxBest Small Indoor Grow Cabinet15” Tall x 24” Wide x 15” DeepReflective Mylar Fabric Layer


TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit Best DIY Stealth Grow Box48″ Tall x 24” Wide x 24” DeepDual-Layer Reflective Fabric


A good specs sheet is enough for a seasoned weed grower, but if you’re just wandering into the world of weed growing, read on for the detailed reviews of these indoor stealth grow boxes for marijuana.

What to look for in a growing cabinet?

A proper grow cabinet should tick all the boxes (literally) that suit your needs while adhering to the industry standards in build/material quality, the ease of assembly, and intuitive & functional design.

What to look for in a growing cabinet

Starting from the ground up, a reliable indoor grow box should have:

  1. An adequate shape & size

There’s a ton of different weed growing cabinets available on the market, all with their specific shape and size. First of all, the best grow box for you should be able to house all your plants or fit in your already-set growing setup. Growing cabinets usually come shaped as squared or rectangular boxes, while there are models designed to fit in corners or have pitched roofs, all to suit the specific needs of the grower.

Before considering a specific model, please make sure to double-check the dimensions of the space you’re putting the tent in, and the interior space for your plants, so you can fit them all inside. You’ll need at least one feet of space above the tent roof to accommodate extraction fans and duct tape.

  1. A quality frame & construction which is easy to assemble

With weed grow boxes, everything starts with the frame. Usually built from metal pipes of various sizes and diameters, frames are there to ensure the stability and sturdiness of the entire setup. You don’t want a wobbly configuration where you’ll fear that it might come down and destroy your plants.

If possible, aim for galvanized steel as pipe material as these are sturdy and durable. Again, it all depends on the size, but the usual diameter of the pipes goes from 16 to 25 millimeters (0,6-0.9 inches). Make sure to inspect this feature. The pipes are almost always hollow, and the material is 0.8mm thick. Have in mind that the stronger the construction, the heavier the tent will be (this can be a problem when moving).

Lately, there’s a trend where manufacturers advertise powder-coated bars in their grow tents, boosting the overall impression of quality. Even though it might seem like a good thing, it can often be a good way to hide rust, which is your enemy.

Finally, look for the welding quality and its consistency on all the pipes included in the box, and look for reinforced plastic for corner pieces – these don’t rust and don’t puncture the cover material.

A great weed growing cabinet will also have several supporting bars for hanging the lights, and those will match the quality of the frame bars.

  1. A dense, high-quality cover 

The quality of a grow cabinet and its performance depends on its cover. Without a proper cover, you’ll have light leaks and uneven light exposure on your plants, which is a big no-no if you want results. A typical quality grow box cover is made out of three layers:

  • Outer fabric, thick and colored, usually labeled with a number that represents its thickness quality (from 190D to 1700D, depending on quality)
  • Middle lightproof layer (which varies)
  • Inner reflective layer

Cheaper products will feature a lower-grade thickness and two layers, while more expensive options will feature full-quality layers.

During my years of growing, I’ve noticed that manufacturers tend to mask the thickness quality of cover material by showcasing only one dimension of the thickness (the higher one) while there are two dimensions – Wrap (vertical) & Fill (horizontal). Each dimension has its own thickness level, which refers to the number of threads in the fabric. So, to cut expenses and “mask” their product as a high-quality one for the lower price, manufacturers put 600D wrap and 100D fill and advertise the product as 600D thick.

When browsing the web, try to inspect this feature in detail – your plants will repay you!

  1. Great zippers

This one is self-explanatory. The zippers are the things you’ll use the most on your marijuana grow cabinet and having low-quality zippers will destroy the tent’s value in no time. You’ll have light leaks, it will be hard to zip/unzip them, and they will start to get on your nerves.

Aim for quality zippers – save your sanity. 

  1. Functional and easy-to-use door

When you’re using grow box zippers, you’re opening or closing the door. So, the grow cabinet door should be big and functional and allow for effortless closing and opening. There are models which allow for 3-side opening, which is amazing for big adjustments and difficult maneuvers.

Furthermore, you can have a 360-degree opening, but don’t expect this feature on cheaper models.

Always have the location of your grow tent in mind because you want to use all the openings accordingly, and not be blocked by walls or something else in the room.

  1. A well-placed viewing window/s 

Typical stealth grow box usually features a viewing window or two; these are used to quickly check on your bush without jeopardizing the ecosphere you’ve carefully created there. A good viewing window is patched with quality material which won’t leak heat or moisture, is made of good materials (same as the cover), and has a good clip to leave it open for you to look inside or have some outside influence if you’d like. The location of the window could be an advantage or a complete failure – sometimes manufacturers put these on such wrong places, so you’re left with the look of your best grow light top side and almost nothing else. Consider the setup you’re going to have hanging from the grow box ceiling and examine the window’s location.

  1. A certain amount of vents & ducting ports

Because of the air-cooled reflectors use, every weed grow box should have at least 3 vents for uninterrupted airflow and ventilation installation. These vents are usually made from a weaker material than the cover, and the important things to look for in those are:

  • Locations
  • Mesh used to block bugs

As with everything hardware-related, a premium marijuana growing cabinet will have a high-quality, super-fine micromesh that will allow airflow while keeping all uninvited guests out.

Furthermore, the ports for ventilation installation should have several layers of protection, so you can install the mechanisms and seal the canals properly. This is important for both moisture and light leaks.

Finally, a good weed grow box will have several smaller ports for cables, each with its own protection pocket and zip tie to ensure tightness.

  1. A quality set of accessories  

A good quality indoor stealth grow box for marijuana will arrive in a handy packaging which contains the tent itself, alongside some handy accessories. Depending on the product quality and price you can expect to get things like:

  • Velcro spill tray
  • Removable floor
  • Hanging straps of good quality
  • Hanging tools pouch with a reflective outer material
  • Soft mesh netting accessory – amazing for plant training
  • A handy carrying bag for the whole thing

The best grow box for marijuana will include all of these things, but it’s not necessarily important to have it all. The most important thing for a growing cabinet is that it fits your needs, is sturdy, functional, and has no leaks.


Now, let’s review the current top products on the market! 

With the knowledge from above, you’ll be able to differentiate a good product from a bad one, and find the most suitable stealth grow box in no time!

Best Hydroponic Grow Cabinet – Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Best Hydroponic Grow Cabinet
  • Dimensions: 35" tall x 16.5" wide x 11.0" deep / Weight: 40 pounds
  • This grow box pays for itself and keeps on giving for a lifetime.
  • Grows 1-2 pounds of dried plant matter per 2-3 month cycle.

As my first growing cabinet of choice, we have a sturdy, wooden-enclosure grow box – Cash Crop 6.0. This enumeration means 6 kilograms of yield per season, which is quite the feature. Is it a marketing fad, or a high-quality product – let’s find out.

This particular model (we’re handling a 0-2 plant container) comes wholly equipped for growing from seed to harvest. Everything is sorted out for you – all you need to do is plant your seedlings and start growing.

The first thing to mention that this is a hydroponic grow cabinet – which means it requires a better enclosure and a watering system. That is solved by using layered wood and reflective surface which uses Infrared blocking technology, reflecting light directly to your plants. The box is handmade and assembled by hand in the USA.

Inside, there’s an LED light installed, which covers full spectrum for the whole development process of your plant. It’s paired with a reliable air fan for ventilation and an air pump that ensures adequate water oxygenation.

As mentioned previously, the box is constructed out of wood, rather than the typical metal frame combined with a multi-layer cloth cover. You should decide if that’s a deal-breaker for you; personally, I think it’s the best hydroponic grow cabinet on the market.


  1. Combines layered wood with a reflective surface for maximum light reflection
  2. Includes ventilation and water oxygenation systems
  3. Fully equipped for the entire growing process
  4. The LED grow lights are located on the top and the sides of the unit


  1. High Price

Best Stealth Grow Box – Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 – Hydroponics Grow Box

Best Stealth Grow Box
  • 9 plant hydroponics grow box
  • Grow any plant indoors
  • Stealth shipping

The Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 could be best described as luxurious stealth grow box. It will fit in almost any room in your home without taking up too much space.

Standing at three feet tall, 20 inches wide, and 16.5 inches deep, it may not be the tallest stealth grow box you’ll come across. What it lacks in the height department, though, it makes up for in width and depth. As a result, it’s capable of accommodating up to nine fully grown plants!

And for an added element of safety, the door is lockable, as well.

It is constructed out of half-inch-thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) rather than metal, which can be considered a downside. However, as long as it doesn’t affect the overall structural integrity of the grow box, I’m willing to let it slide.

Powerful, 80mm dual fans are combined with carbon filters to eliminate any potential give-away odors and ensure constant air circulation throughout the grow box.

Plus, it comes equipped with a lighting system, a DWC hydroponic system, and a timer, among other things.

Other than the relatively noisy fans, another notable downside is the price. The Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 is, by no means, a budget-friendly option – but it’s the best stealth grow box the market has to offer.


  1. Comes with lots of vital accessories
  2. Dual 80mm fans with carbon filters for odor control
  3. Accommodates up to nine plants
  4. Uses a DWC hydroponics system
  5. Secure lockable doors


  1. It’s a bit pricey
  2. The fans are relatively noisy
  3. It’s constructed out of wood

Best Automatic Grow Box – HeyAbby Automated Grow Box

Best Automatic Grow Box
  • Preassembled and beginner friendly: The Hey abby Grow Box makes growing plants at home possible for anyone, no matter their...
  • Holistic Eco-System: The Hey abby Grow box simulated a complete plant growing environment. Hydroponic technology combines with...
  • Compact Natural Design: The Hey abby Grow Box requires just 2ft² of space, so you can grow no matter your living space. With its...

It’s advertised as one of the easiest ways to grow plants indoors – and I couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re a complete novice or an indoor growing expert who’s looking to try a more automated approach, the HeyAbby Automated Grow Box is worth considering.

You can grow fully developed plants without so much as lifting a finger!

How does it work, you ask?

You just get the seeds, and the HeyAbby app takes care of everything else – from “cultivation recipes” for a variety of different plants to automatic watering and humidity, lighting, and temperature control.

Standing at four feet tall, this cold-rolled steel grow box is perfectly sized for maximum yields, yet sleek and modern-looking enough to fit into your home’s interior.

And because I believe that your grow’s strictly your business, I’m thrilled to see not only an odor-reducing carbon filter but a security lock, as well.

As fantastic and innovative as it may be, it doesn’t come without its problems. First off, I noticed that, due to the construction of the box, there’s a bit of light emission going through the door. Plus, the fan can get a little noisy at times.

So, the trade-off here is that it’s not as stealthy as some other options you’ll find on my list.


  1. Large fluid glass window located on the door
  2. Equipped with dual-intake fans and odor-reducing carbon filters
  3. Has an integrated LED lighting system
  4. Very energy efficient 


  1. There’s an issue with light emission around the doors
  2. Very expensive

Best Small Indoor Grow Cabinet – Hellogrower 20″ Stealth LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System

Best Small Indoor Grow Cabinet
  • Super Stealth Hydroponic Grow System
  • Everything You Need Just Add The Seeds

Next one up is, in my opinion, the best small indoor grow cabinet – the 20-inch Stealth Grow Box by Hellogrower, complete with a low power consumption LED grow light.

It’s a compact, 20x15x15-inch cabinet designed to accommodate two to three plants, at most. I’d say it’s perfect for first-time growers.

The interior is lined with 100-percent Mylar fabric, which ensures two things – better heat and light reflection and improved gas and odor control. None of the light will go to waste, which, as you know, is hugely beneficial for your plants.

On that note, the sealed door and the shaded rear vents will minimize light emission, too.

Another thing worth noting is the filtration system. You’ll get powerful fans to ensure a steady supply of fresh air, along with vents that feature replaceable carbon filters for reducing odors.

Oh, and one more thing – if you’re interested in throwing an added element of security, this unit comes with a lockable door. You never know; maybe you’ll need one.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, though. The fan can get noticeably loud at times, and although it comes with a carbon filter for odor control, I feel like there’s room for improvements in that regard.


  1. The cabinet’s interior is lined with 100-percent Mylar fabric
  2. Shaded vents and sealed front door for low light emission
  3. Comes with all the essential accessories
  4. Includes a timer
  5. Lockable doors for added security
  6. An excellent choice for first-time growers


  1. The fan can be a bit loud
  2. Odor-control could be better

Best DIY Stealth Grow Box – TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit Hydroponic Growing System

Best DIY Stealth Grow Box
  • LED 300W grow light + 4" filter ventilation kit + 24"x24"x48" dark room
  • Featuring a user friendly "Full Spectrum" design, you can easily grow your plants in any growth cycle required like germination,...
  • use coal based activated carbon environmentally friendly materials and Carbon Layer Thickness: 1.5 inches

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

The last product on my round-up is a complete DIY hydroponic growing system kit that includes everything you could need as a beginner who’s building a grow box:

From an indoor grow tent and a 4-inch inline ventilation kit with a carbon filter to a full-spectrum grow light, it’s all there.

Although relatively compact, with 24x24x48-inch dimensions, I feel like it’s spacious enough for a beginner. You’ll be able to grow up to four small plants – or two medium-sized ones – to gather some much-needed experience with growing before you move on to larger setups.

The construction combines a 16mm metal frame with sturdy, 16mm plastic connectors and dual-layer material on top. The outer layer consists of light-proof oxford cloth, and the inner one features the diamond Mylar fabric with the reflectiveness of up to 96 percent. The former boasts a thickness of 600D, which falls somewhere in the mid-range.

Plus, it features two 16-inch windows that will let you keep an eye on things.

Although the frame feels well-made in general – considering the price range, that is – the two rods that form the top section of the grow box don’t feel sturdy enough. There’s a definite flimsy feel to it.P


  1. The cover features a dual-layer design
  2. The frame consists of 16mm coated metal rods
  3. Comes with lots of useful accessories
  4. Beginner-friendly with a very detailed manual
  5. Sufficient space for up to four smaller plants


  1. The upper section of the frame lacks some sturdiness

Best Weed Growing Cabinets – Frequently Asked Questions

How does a weed grow box differ from a mushroom growing box?

The latter is a bit more complicated and requires an entirely hygienic environment. Moreover, the conditions inside the grow box, especially lighting, humidity, and temperature levels, have to be drastically different, too.

·         What equipment do you need for hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a marijuana cultivation method that uses profoundly enriched and highly oxygenated water. The list of equipment needed to make it work is a long one, but I’ll point out the essentials – full-spectrum lighting, sterile tanks, reservoirs, pipes, and filters, ventilation fans, temperature and humidity gauges, additives and nutrients, and a pH meter.

·         How does a weed grow tent work?

Much like the standard grow boxes, grow tents are compact, portable “rooms” used for year-round indoor growing. The only actual difference is that they utilize durable fabrics with reflective properties, rather than a solid material construction.

·         What is stealth growing?

Think about it; the name says it all. Stealth growing is all about doing things quietly and inconspicuously and making use of limited spaces. Also, it’s about minimizing sure give-away signs, such as odor, noise, unusually high utility bills, and the like.

·         How long does a typical flowering cycle last?

Although it depends on the strain itself, as well as your preferences, an average flowering cycle lasts between 8 to 12 weeks.

·         What’s the cheapest way to build a grow box?

Turning an old closet or cabinet is one of the most straightforward solutions for building a growing area on a budget. Cut holes for lights and ventilation, line the inside of the cabinet with a reflective material, install the equipment – and you’re done.

Final Word

After a buying guide as long as this one, there’s only one question left:

Which one of these is the best weed growing cabinet?

It was a tough cut to make, as each of these units has something unique going for it.

However, after lots of considerations, I’ve decided that my vote goes to TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit Hydroponic Growing System. It does what it’s supposed to, and I haven’t experienced any significant issues with it. Plus, it doesn’t cost a small fortune.

On that note, if you’re willing to spend more, the HeyAbby Automated Grow Box is, by far, the best high-end option currently on the market.

Leave your questions down below and don’t be afraid to share your opinions and experiences with these stealth grow boxes!

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