Best Gorilla Grow Tents with Review

One of the most essential factors to consider when planning to get into indoor planting is where you are going to set up the garden. A grow tent serves as a viable solution to this by helping to recreate outdoor environmental conditions that support plant growth by regulating the temperature inside and other parameters.
Choosing a grow tent will normally depend on the kind of garden you want and the available space you have. However, given the numerous manufacturers, sizes, and features that grow tents come with, finding the ideal model for your garden can prove to be tricky.
Among the leading best grow tent brands in the market is Gorilla Grow Tents. Their products are known to be top-quality and sturdy, with a performance that meets the expectations. But what exactly makes these tents stand out from their competitors?
In this review, we look at the features, performance, and the benefits that Gorilla grow tents offer. We shall also consider different models in their product line to see what their worth is.

The Review: Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla grow tents are arguably the best indoor grow rooms you can find in the market today. They come with a professional design that is ideal for installing indoor gardens by experts and beginners alike.
These tents offer some of the best features you’ll want in a grow tent, thanks to the technology and research they have invested in to take their products to the next level. Their expert configuration ensures that ducting ports are strategically positioned at the right places.
Large EZ view windows also provide you with easy grow snapshots and the growing environment is not compromised. The doorways are 360-degree accessible, which is quite convenient when tending to your growing plants.
They also have a large layout for you to comfortably maneuver and their build features quality and durable material that will last for a lifetime. Gorilla grow tents make the perfect choice for anyone serious about getting their indoor growing venture on track.


One of the things that give Gorilla grow tents an edge over their industry rivals is the high-grade features they equip their products with. Let us look at the specifications you can expect on the Gorilla grow tents:

Tent Height

One standout feature you’ll notice on the Gorilla grow tents is the ability to increase the height of the tent. Generally, the tents come at a standard height of about 7 feet, but you can extend this to 8 and even 10 feet tall. This is made possible by patented adjustable extension poles that the company provides.
The height extension allows your plants to grow almost 50% larger without having to worry about them outgrowing the tent or lights. It also means that tall individuals don’t have to crouch or risk banging their heads on the hanging lights whenever they are inspecting their plants.
The extra height also enables air to rise with the heat produced by your light fixture, which helps to regulate the temperature levels within the enclosed grow room. This can be very useful for the health of your growing plants.
Other tents are usually limited to a standard height of 6 feet; a height that many plants tend to outgrow. As a result, the yield is reduced, not to mention that your back may start to ache from all the hunching over.

Fabric Density

These tents are constructed with a 1680D threaded and reflective fabric, which is 3-9 times denser than other available grow tents. This ensures that they are more light-proof to prevent the LED spectrum from escaping.
The thick walls also do a good job of insulating odors and sound from the LED grow light, which makes these tents quiet. Additionally, the tents are stronger to create a safer environment where your fragile plants are protected from external harm.
The reflective material enhances reflectivity and lumen redistribution, which prevents the emergence of hotspots. In other grow lights, the fabric used ranges from 190D-600D thickness, making them prone to easy ripping and leakage of light, as well as unwanted filtering of odors.
This inadequate thread density further presents exposure to unprecedented hazards like pests and hotspots. They also don’t effectively make use of rogue lumens.

Strength and Durability

Gorilla uses very sturdy frames on their tents. The poles that make the frames are 100% metal and come with fasteners to secure the entire structure in place. This results in an extremely stable installation that will be difficult to compromise.
According to the company, their tents can support up to 300 pounds from the ceiling. This means an adult can easily hang from the ceiling, which makes the tent far stronger than other grow tents that can generally hold between 60-165 pounds.
Aside from the metal frames, the company uses thick viewing windows on their products with tightly reinforced seals, as well as strong zippers to offer the ultimate protection to your plants.
You’ll acknowledge the durability of these tents when you compare them against other brands in the market, which mostly use plastic or aluminum poles with plastic connectors and faulty zippers.

Tent Safety

These tents also comprise a sturdy and durable flood pool that will effectively hold water inside. The thread density also stops light, odors, and noise from leaking to the outside, which helps to maintain the integrity of your home.
Another feature you’ll appreciate is the Infrared Blocking insulated roof, which assists to cool down the outside of your tent. It does so by dissipating any heat signatures hitting the tent from above.
Three tiny mesh windows at the bottom of these tents help to keep bugs and other uninvited pests at bay. The same is true for mold, ensuring that your plants are safe from this common and rampant danger.


Accessibility is another key issue that comes in handy when you want to see how your precious plants are fairing on. With the Gorilla grow tents, there are windows that you can conveniently use to monitor your garden without necessarily opening the tent.
The front doors also open, and the walls can be unzipped; providing you with 360-degree access to your tent. This implies you’ll be able to reach all plants in the garden without trampling on others.
A large window in the rear side of the tent also ensures that you can access the plants without unzipping the whole lining of the tent. Now compare this to the HydroHut which only has a single front door and two tiny windows on the side.

Gorilla Tent Kits

Gorilla provides indoor growers with different designs of grow tents to cater to various sizes and shapes of indoor grow areas. Let us look at some of the tents they offer:

Gorilla Grow Tent 4x4

Gorilla Grow Tent 4x4
  • Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line is designed for indoor gardening, perfect for growing all types of vegetables, flowering plants, and...
  • TALLEST: Get bigger yields - height adjustable from 6'7" to 7'7" with optional 1' extension kit (sold separately).
  • LITE LINE: delivers the same pro features as our original line, but at a lower cost to produce - all steel poles, interlocking,...

This tent comes with dimensions of 4’ by 4’ by 6’7”. It is the ideal size for your indoor garden, but if you need more room, you can always purchase the height extension poles separately to give your garden more capacity.
This tent features a sturdy steel interlocking frame, to go with heavy-duty zippers that make for stable overall construction. This is reinforced by the durable and dependable canvas used for the walls of the tent, which together ensure that your plants will always be safe from harm.
You still get viewing windows with tightly reinforced seals that allow you to monitor your plants from outside but keep any external contaminants from getting to the plants. The bug resistant micro mesh pre-filters further guarantee that no bugs and pests will get the slightest opportunity to harm your vegetation.

•    Can be used with hydroponics or soil
•    Offers great value for money
•    Quality zippers
•    Indiscreet packaging
•    Strange to install on your own

Gorilla Grow Tent 4x8

Gorilla Grow Tent 4x8
  • Gorilla Grow Tent is designed for indoor gardening, suitable for growing all types of vegetables, flowering plants, and mushrooms...
  • TALLEST: Get bigger yields - height adjustable from 6'11" to 7'11" with included 1' extension kit or 8'11"-9'11" with 2' extension...
  • THICKEST & STRONGEST: Double thick industrial-strength canvas diamond reflective walls, industrial-strength powder coated steel...

This is another great grow tent from Gorilla that features 100% metallic frame and connectors, to give it a sturdy build. It measures 4’ by 8’ by 6’7” and will be an ideal choice for infant plants, grown vegetation, and even in plants their vegetative, as well as propagation stages.
This model consists of high-grade 1680D thick fabric to give it the stability it requires. The strong all-metal structure ensures that you can hang up to 300 pounds of components from the ceiling without harming the structure.
Another convenient feature on the 4 by 8 is the tool pouch that enables you to store your tools and other accessories. This ensures that you won’t be misplacing your equipment every other time you finish tending to your garden.
Finally, you can also extend the tent height, as well as the footprint if you still need more space. Not to mention that the floor pool is completely waterproof.

•    Extendable height and floor space
•    Tool pouch
•    Mesh covering over the tent
•    Indiscreet packaging

Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5

Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5
  • 100% metal interlocking, sturdy frame & connectors
  • Free 12″ height extension kit
  • 1680D "easy on" grow tent

This model has dimensions of 5’ by 5’ by 6’11” out of the box. However, you get a free 1-inch extension for every tent you purchase, allowing you to increase the tent's height to 7’11”.
It also comes with a convenient tool pouch where you can safely place your accessories. The 1680D thick material used on the tent walls reinforce its stability and prevents any leakage of sound, odor, or light.
The tent is also disease and bug resistant, and this is thanks to the micro mesh pre-filters that prevent unwelcomed crawlers from infiltrating your valuable plants. Dual lined ducting ports also make for maximum containment and mole prevention.

•    Ample space
•    Strong fabric
•    Tool pouch
•    Quality design
•    Defective zippers

What We Liked

The Gorilla grow tent is an industry leader in grow tents manufacture, and this is because of the unique features the company offers on its products. I like the height extension option that they make available to clients. This can come in handy when the plants are growing big and you need more space.
The 1680D canvas they use for the tent walls is another important aspect that makes this tent formidable. This is complemented by the strong interlocking steel frame to ensure that you comfortably hang up to 300 pounds of accessory from the ceiling without the structure imploding.
Multiple windows on the Gorilla grow tent make sure it’s easy to follow up on the progress of your plants, and the unzippable walls conveniently let you access the inside of the tent from any side you want.
The micro mesh pre-filters these tents are equipped with make maintaining the structure’s cleanliness a breeze. Not only are pests and bugs denied access to the inside but also mold is kept from thriving.

•    Great design
•    Sturdy Construction
•    Durable fabric
•    Tool pouch
•    Height extension
•    Infrared roof insulation
•    360-degree access
•    Great value for money
•    Light, sound, and odor proof

What we Didn’t Like

As superior as the grow tents from Gorilla have proven to be, they are still not immune to customer complaints. The main area of concern, going by the different reviews I’ve come across, is in the zippers and stitching.
Some allude to the shoddy work done on the stitching, while others point to the fact that zippers get loose after a short while. It could be a problem with quality control on the company's side. Let’s not forget that the steel frame of the tent makes it quite heavy.

•    Defective zippers and stitching
•    Heavy
•    Indiscreet packaging

Advice to Buyers

The Gorilla grow tent is a functional choice for anybody looking to set up an indoor garden. Whether you’re just getting started or have been doing this for a while, there are various models to suit the size and design of your garden
The quality Gorilla tents offer means they cost higher than many alternative tents. However, you can look forward to getting great value for your hard-earned money!


Overall, the Gorilla grow tent offers a high-performance that can barely be matched by its competitors in the industry. It is durable, safe to use, and features a great design; not to mention that they offer an array of patented features that will work wonders for your indoor plants.
If you ask me, this is a practical choice for an indoor grow tent that any serious beginner or advanced grower won’t regret investing in.

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